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He was born with a severe disability,…
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He was born with a severe disability, but his mother didn't give up on him: now, he's a model Harvard student

February 12, 2021 • By Alison Forde

The love of a mother for her child is capable of overcoming any obstacle, any mountain, it is a feeling so great that sometimes it cannot be sufficiently explained in simple words. A mom knows that she only wants the best for her child, and she will never give up the quest to make this a reality. As did Zou Hongyan, a Chinese woman from Hubei province who struggled every single day of her life to give her son a better life.

Almost thirty years ago, Zou had given birth to her son Ding Ding, who unfortunately was born with a very serious medical complication: he had very severe cerebral palsy; the doctors were very cautious and pessimistic, and had told the mother and father that the baby would live a very complicated, unhappy and difficult hard life. Ding Ding's father did not want to raise his son under those conditions, while the mother was willing to sacrifice everything in order to give a better life to her son.

Shortly after Ding's birth, Zou divorced her husband and raised the baby all by herself, even doing three jobs at the same time to run the house and give her son a dignified life. Over time, the brave and determined mother also used games at home that promoted brain development to stimulate her son's senses and shape his intelligence. Zou also taught him to use chopsticks to eat, even though Ding Ding's hands could barely hold them.

After years of enormous sacrifice, the child grew to be a young man, the young man became a model student and even managed to graduate in environmental science and engineering from Peking University!


Mom Zou said: "I didn't want him to be held back in life because of his physical problems, since he had lower skills in some areas, so I was very strict with him about working hard and catching up on everything he had difficulty with."

A very hard job, which however earned Ding Ding admission to Harvard; an enormous satisfaction for his mother and for the young man: together, they made it!

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