16 fun cakes we didn't think anyone…
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16 fun cakes we didn't think anyone would have the guts to make

November 09, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Who doesn't like cake? Although there are and always will be those who love salty more than sweet, a birthday cake is almost always welcome. And if it is also aesthetically appealing and imaginative, even better! By now, many pastry chefs can be considered true cake artists: thanks to their skills, they are able to sculpt incredible, super colorful and imaginative shapes in sugar paste ad sponge! Whether they are birthday cakes, wedding cakes or to celebrate a special occasion, it doesn't matter - many people still can't wait to indulge themselves with cake. Looking at this photo list, one wonders who would ever order cakes like this ... have a laugh!

1. They look like many individual cups, but in reality they are little cakes that form a large wedding cake ... want a slice, that is, a cup?

2. A special thought ... for a medical graduate?!


3. Ooops!

4. From the series: "now that you've made your decision, you can't go back!"

5. "This is my daughter's birthday cake, which my wife created herself!"

image: Imgur

6. But is it a cake or a handbag? A chocolate handbag!

7. A chocolate cake in the shape of ... Yoda!


8. A big cake in the shape of a circus starring Dumbo! Ideal for a child's first birthday!

9. An exceptional design, down to the last detail!


10. What's going on in Marge Simpson's mind? Now you know ... a simply perfect cake!

11. At the McDonald's even on your birthday?Just a minute ... take a closer look!

12. A really challenging cake as a reward for reaching a really important milestone! Congratulations!

13. A Cookie-Monster shaped cake ... eating cookies: brilliant!

14. When you have lovely friends who want to remind you of your fears, even on your birthday ...

15. "Holy crap, you're old!" - even the cake is telling you!

16. The ideal cake for that special person who loves coffee!

It is a shame to have to "destroy" these beautiful creations in order to eat them!

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