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17 naughty pets who were caught red…
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17 naughty pets who were caught red handed while stealing their masters' food

November 17, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Having a pet in the house is a real blessing in most cases: they light up our darkest days, keeping us company and making us always feel loved. No matter how many misdeeds your dog or cat may have committed throughout the day, when you come home in the evening after work and find them looking at you lovingly or barking with excitement, all is forgiven. But what happens when the adorable pet you have long adopted starts stealing your food? This is something to be aware of when dealing with cats, dogs or other species of animal. When you least expect it, a paw could swipe your sandwich, or that leftover pizza you had thoughtlessly left on the table for a few minutes. Here is a photo list of the best four-legged "food thieves" on the internet!

1. The egg thief! That dish will not be the same now

2. You can't be distracted for a moment or your muffin will be swiped!


3. "Ready to steal my pear slices. Then when he gets it he doesn't even eat it ..."

4. "Mmmh...cauliflower!"

5. "If you look closely, will you notice my cat's paw trying to steal something ... or get squashed?"


6. "I bought these giant pumpkins and this morning I woke up to find him eating them. He's not afraid of me or my large dog."

7. Now I can't eat even a piece of pizza in peace!


8. "I was just trying to have breakfast in peace ..."

9. Get your paws off my Pringles!


10. "The cat just stole my lunch"

11. "It looks like a painting, but it's actually our cat Cookie trying to get hold of the Parmesan!"

12. "I was trying to have a bite to eat when my son distracted me ... meanwhile the cat threw the food off the table and the dog stole it"

13. That's not for you!

image: Pinterest

14. Caught red-handed!

15. Spaghetti? Mmm delicious!"

image: Pinterest

16. "Hey! That rabbit stole my biscuit!"

17. She doesn't seem the slightest bit repentant about this...

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