The magic of cake design: 15 cakes so…
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The magic of cake design: 15 cakes so perfect that they deserve a place of honor in a museum

January 27, 2021 • By Alison Forde

A delicious cake is eaten not only with the mouth but also with the eyes. Yes, because today, the subtle art of cake design has become a very respectable profession, where every willing, talented and above all imaginative pastry chef gives vent to all their creativity to make cakes that are a feast for the eyes. Some of these fine desserts are so beautiful to look at that they deserve a place in a museum in their own right. Seeing is believing!

A truly artistic cake: it looks like it came out of a Mondrian painting!

image: Dittidot

An absolute masterpiece: a peacock cake!


For all lovers of fairytale castles: this wedding cake is for you!

This mousse cake is a real tribute to the beauty of the sea!

Look at the perfect shine on this cake! We could admire it for hours!


A real riot of rainbow colors!

This elegant cake looks like it's made of polished marble ...


An unmissable cake for all Harry Potter lovers, and look at the details!

A very ingenious and original cake which was made for my friends: how long did it take to make it?


Simply brilliant; it looks looks like something out of a cartoon!

image: Reddit

A cake with a ... summer flavor!

How wonderful: a cake that reproduces the globe and all the places that the couple visited!

Do you love LEGO? This masterpiece is just for you!

A perfection of colors and shapes

They look like succulents, but that's just the ingenious topping on this amazing cake!

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