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He found his dog after 200 days of relentless…
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He found his dog after 200 days of relentless searching: their first cuddle on meeting again is touching

November 08, 2020 • By Alison Forde

If you have a dog at home or are simply passionate about these extraordinary four-legged friends, you know that if something happened to them would be a heartbreaking event for the owners. Think of the pain, apprehension and suffering of an owner who loses their faithful four-legged friend, but not because they pass away, because for one reason or another, they run away and get lost, and can't be found again. A situation which was experienced by the two protagonists of this moving story ...

via: The Dodo

In April 2020, the Washington County Animal Shelter received a call: a stray dog named Blue had shown up at a stranger's home, looking for a safe place to sleep and eat; this sweet mixed-breed had spent days wandering aimlessly, looking for someone who would take him to heart.

Eventually, the volunteers from the shelter took charge of Blue, but he had to wait months in the kennel to find a person to adopt him. This was because, with the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic, the shelter was closed to the public, except for appointments.

Precisely for this reason the shelter decided to publish a short video of Blue playing with a ball on their Facebook profile, to try to convince someone to adopt him. Fortunately, fate would have it that among the comments on the post there was also that of its desperate owner: "That's my dog!"

The man had lost Blue in the state of Tennessee, but then, after months of relentless searching, he had had to move to Texas for work reasons. He would never have thought of finding him by chance, like this: 200 days had passed since his disappearance, and the man had almost given up hope...


So, the owner traveled 2000 kilometers with his car to reach the shelter in Washington, showed some photos of Blue to convince the volunteers that the dog was really his and then there was a truly moving meeting between the two: Blue immediately recognized his master, and the two hugged like two old friends!

Here is the touching video shared by the shelter on Facebook:

A Reunion 200 Days in the Making!! Just over 6 months ago, Blue went missing. His owner Pat searched and searched but couldn't find him. And then he had to move to Texas for his work. He thought he'd never see Blue again. Imagine his joy when a friend sent him a video of his dog playing ball at our shelter! He contacted us right away..."That's my dog!" And then imagine this.... HE DROVE 1,200 MILES FROM TEXAS TO GET HIS BOY!! We don't many happy endings like this one. There were some tears, tons of doggie kisses and lots of smiles. What a great story! We are so happy that the dog we named Bones is back with his dad and ready to catch up on some lovins. This is the best "feel good story" we've had in awhile, so please SHARE and spread the news: REUNITED!! This is why WE NEVER GIVE UP!

Pubblicato da Washington County, TN Animal Shelter su Domenica 18 ottobre 2020

We are so happy that the dog and his owner have reunited after so long; it was fate that the two would meet again, wasn't it?

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