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15 attempts to make elaborate birthday…
15 birthday cakes that turned out badly that they should be rewarded for trying at least She stopped the freeway traffic to save a distressed kitty before it was too late

15 attempts to make elaborate birthday cakes that turned out to be totally disastrous

November 16, 2020 • By Alison Forde

The art of making beautiful birthday cakes, also known as cake design, is a talent and a profession that is becoming increasingly popular among young people who are looking for a job that is well paid and at the same time stimulating. Yet, there are some times when the master cake makers seemed to have really wanted to exaggerate: in the face of some rather ambitious requests, they made cakes that we could define as simply ... disastrous!

It was supposed to be an elaborate cake with a dragon crouching next to its eggs - and that's the end result!

image: Imgur

It was supposed to be a beautiful cake that depicted the character of Belle, and instead ...


Do you recognize her? It was supposed to be Ariel, Disney's Little Mermaid ...

Well, at least I tried!

A Christmas tree ... perfect!


A Santa Claus ... nailed it!

A truly courageous attempt at making a rainbow cake!


Japanese sponge cake? Easy!

An effort that looks like it came out of a horror movie!


The wedding cake which arrived was not exactly what we ordered!

Elsa from Frozen ... well, we appreciate the effort!

A complete disaster!

What I ordered and the mess I received...

Well, it's almost there!

image: Amie89/Reddit

Almost better than the original!

Have you ever had a "nasty surprise" when you picked up your birthday cake from your favorite confectioner?

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