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15 ingenious advertising campaigns that…
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15 ingenious advertising campaigns that have caused rocket sales

February 08, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Have you ever found yourself in front of an advertising poster and thinking that the person who had conceived it was an authentic genius?

This is exactly what you will think while looking at the photo gallery of advertising campaigns that we present here below.

Each of them finds a bright and subtle way to convey a message, without ever descending into the obvious and tries to impress the idea deeply in the mind of the observer.

In your opinion, which one is the most brilliant advertising campaign?

1. The powerful message of the Denver Water company: "Use Only What You Need."

image: denver_water

2. Norwegian Airlines --- in a clever print ad we can see displayed in the flag of Norway, the flags of their destination countries.

image: norwegian

3. Jardiland helps dogs lose weight

image: jardiland

4. The Bosch company has created some really powerful screwdrivers

image: Bosch

5. The sound quality of Sony headphones is so high that you feel like Michael Jackson is singing in your ear!

image: sony

6. The reliability of the park assist technology in Volkswagen cars is total!

image: volkswagen

7. At Zen Sushi, the fish is always fresh!

image: zensushi

8. The Mercedes company tries to dissuade customers from using and trusting unofficial Mercedes Benz service centers.

image: mercedes-benz

9. The simple but very effective advertising for Nivea night cream

image: nivea

10. Schick razors are not afraid of even the most difficult situations!

image: schick

11. This Pedigree product will give your dog, breath that is even fresher than yours!

image: pedigree

12. Thanks to Bayer drugs, you will return to being the model employee you have always been.

image: bayer

13. The Natural Balance company wants to convince us that feeding the dog in the right way will make it become more disciplined.

14. Diet Pepsi will make you leaner than you think

image: pepsi

15. With Erdal products, your shoes will be as reflective as a rear-view mirror

image: erdal

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