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A photographer reverses the roles in…
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A photographer reverses the roles in some sexist ads from the 1950s

November 27, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Women's roles have changed considerably over the years, despite the fact that today there still persist some attitudes that would seek to relegate women to home and hearth. In the 1950s, women had a generally recognized role in Western countries: housewife, devoted to children and household chores, always ready to offer her services to her hard working husband. On the other hand, that was also what the controversial advertisements of the time showed, in which beautiful American housewives, with slim and lean physiques, couldn't wait to make the floors of the house shine or to make their husband's dinner. Advertisements like that certainly served to promote a certain type of product and, at the same time, to convey a clear message. Imagine if in these advertisements it was the man who assumed the role of the housewife: what would society have been like? Here photographer Eli Rezkallah tries to reimagine it, reversing the roles in some sexist advertisements.

1. When the tomato sauce bottle is so easy to open that even ... a man can open it?

2. Publicity for a tie


3. The ideal product for washing dishes in record time and being able to spend more time with your children. It applies equally to both genders.

4. On Christmas morning he too will be happier with a vacuum cleaner as a gift ... what do you think?

5. "Women should stay in the kitchen": unfortunately, the essence of certain obsolete advertising from the 1950s has survived into the modern age, with disastrous consequences

6. All it takes is a pair of Mr. Leggs to have your partner fall at your feet: marketing in bad taste in both cases

7. Point out the woman's inadequacy by posing as her savior at the same time (promoting a brand of beer): "Don't worry darling, you didn't burn the beer!"

8. The right pair of pantyhose for the cold: the fundamental purchase for the winter season!

9. The ad seems to hint at what would happen if your partner found out that you didn't try the product in store before buying it - scary right?

10. The Leggs pants brand has created another disaster!


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