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Video Social Experiments

IKEA asks students to "bully" a plant for 30 days and the result opens our eyes!

On May 4, World Anti-Bullying Day, IKEA presented the results of "Bully a Plant", an interesting experiment on verbal and physical violence. The study, conducted in Dubai, saw the active participation…

Equal Respect for All workers

Despite the numerous battles that have been conducted over the decades, we cannot say that the barriers that divide people with disabilities have been totally eliminated. Moreover, we are not talking…

Would you sell your dog for $100,000 USD?

In this social experiment, a man tries to buy the dogs of the people he meets. He has a briefcase with $100,000 USD and appears to be serious! However, almost all of the people, do not want or intend…

What happens when a baby is constantly ignored?

We all know how the parents' state of mind affects their children, but maybe we do not know just how much until we see this video. In the video, we see an experiment that shows how infants suffer from…

How old must a girl be to get married?

What if, instead of in a country like Mali, a grown man appeared on your doorstep and asked to marry your 13-year-old daughter? The BØRNEfonden Danmark tries to give us an idea of that situation, by…

Pretending to be blind he asks passersby to change his money ...

These two brothers decided to test passers-by with one of their social experiments, in this case by testing the honesty of those who are in front of a blind person who needs help.  Wearing a pair of…

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