This girl decided to give up a cigarette: what happens next is PRICELESS -
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This girl decided to give up a cigarette:…
They find it on the side of the road: its transformation in just 2 months left them stunned! This video could persuade ANYONE to get a puppy !

This girl decided to give up a cigarette: what happens next is PRICELESS

September 29, 2015 • By Robert Maggi
To convince people to stop smoking it is often said that with every cigarette you lose 11 minutes of life. From this fact comes the experiment "eleven more minutes" that you see in the video: people are invited to enter into a hole one of their cigarettes. What will they get in return? Eleven minutes that they won't forget easily.
Machine 11 - Gain more time

The month of July brings in the rains to 'Aamchi Mumbai' and with it come the beloved 'chai - sutta chronicles'. What people fail to realise is that a cigarette not only costs around 11-13 rupees but also 11 minutes of your life. 11 minutes you could have spent doing something else, something worthwhile. In celebration of Anti-Tobacco Day, we at Uddeshya wish to showcase something different, something that doesn't invoke guilt but something that inspires instead. After all it's your life, your 11 minutes, your time that will never come back. #quitsmoking #kickthebutt #antitobaccoday

Pubblicato da Uddeshya Mumbai su Martedì 31 maggio 2016

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