She pretends to be drunk and asks passersby to help her call a taxi: 4 out of 5 men try to take her home -
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She pretends to be drunk and asks passersby…
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She pretends to be drunk and asks passersby to help her call a taxi: 4 out of 5 men try to take her home

October 06, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Although gender equality is solemnly affirmed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations, in an attempt to create equality in law and in social situations, the reality, unfortunately, once again proves to be falling short of these expectations. Leaving aside the issue of equal pay, men and women do not suffer the same treatment when it comes to living through the same situations: it is unlikely that a man will have difficulty or fear in walking home after an evening out, or will feel embarrassed or alarmed after having received a public compliment. For a woman, however, all this is more than real. In this regard, a small social experiment was carried out, in which an actress played the part of a pretty and slightly drunk girl, who is desperately trying to get home by bus or taxi. In asking for help from male passers-by, the woman seems to receive in most cases only unsolicited advances.

The girl in front of the camera is clearly an actress: carton of beer in hand, wearing a summer dress and modelling the voice of someone who has drunk too much. It is a fiction designed to recreate real life conditions and observe closely (but in total safety!) What happens in the event that a pretty girl, who has been drinking a little, asks for help from the other sex. Although limited as an experiment, the results highlighted the sad reality: 4 out of 5 men tried to take advantage of the situation and, instead of helping the young woman to reach a bus or a taxi, as per her explicit request, they offered to take her to their homes.

The young woman approached all the young passers-by with the same story: "I drank a little too much, I'd like to go home, could you help me call a taxi or get to a bus?". A situation that could happen to anyone, both men and women, but which in the latter case produces different reactions. After the video was published, some users' comments were even more alarming: "I don't really know what she expected with this social experiment, 95% of Americans would behave like this." Although its scientific value is severely limited, this experiment mirrors a completely rotten reality.

The actress goes back to being sober when the situation is going a little too far: she politely makes her farewells by saying that she suddenly feels better and runs away, leaving the men involved quite puzzled.


The fact of wearing a skirt, a dress, or being a little bit glamorous, does not in the least justify the reckless actions of a man. If a drunk woman asks for help, it means she is in trouble, she is not sending any other signals. Taking advantage of such a situation is not for real men, but for criminals.

As Margaret Atwood wrote: "Men are afraid that women will laugh at them. Women are afraid that men will kill them."


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