20 times in which parents surprised…
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20 times in which parents surprised their children in the most absurd and embarrassing situations

September 29, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Children know how to bring us many wonderful moments, joys and satisfactions. But let's be honest, living with them also often means never knowing what trouble they will get themselves into at any moment.

Their naivety and lack of awareness of danger, combined with their innate spontaneity, can sometimes create an "explosive" mixture in which they end up at the centre of happenings that put a strain on their parents' patience. If we add to this their whims, their ability to find brilliant and original ways of doing things, all the absurd situations shown in the 20 photos we have collected become possible. Being a parent is great , but it also means this ...

1. I told her she couldn't eat a pile of pennies and she reacted like this

2. My child believes this is the best way to do his online physical education lesson ...


3. Next time maybe it would be better to hide the permanent markers ...

4. I couldn't find him in the shop, then I looked at the window and realized he wanted to be ... a mannequin!

image: Niyi_M/reddit

5. A quiet dinner out in a restaurant? Not for us ...


6. Yes, this is my son playing hide and seek and trying to disguise himself under his pedal car

image: reddit

7. My boss brought his son to the office: here is the result.


8. Then I realized it was actually my son, trapped in the sun lounger ...

image: reddit

9. Sometimes it's difficult to control your temper when playing video games. I have to thank my 5 year old son for this lovely gift ...


10. We asked her to look after her younger brother: she literally locked him in a cage

11. I just told him to put a little cream on his face ...

image: reddit

12. Now getting out of there will be a problem ...

13. At the water park, they told him to give the dolphin a little kiss ...

14. I couldn't find my son, then I heard a noise coming from a piece of furniture and I found him in there ...

image: reddit

15. The destructive force of two children, a bike and a little mud ...

16. He is delighted because he has finally arranged the carrots ... by balancing them on the kitchen cabinets!

17. For a moment I was afraid when I found him in this position

image: mc_dad/reddit

18. It almost looks like a crime scene ...

19. She was very insistent that I take this photo: according to her, the electrical cabinet is a robot

image: reddit

20. "I dropped the toilet paper in the toilet, but then I rinsed it to get it clean ..."

Have you ever caught your little ones in absurd situations like these?

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