18 photos of cats and dogs who don't…
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18 photos of cats and dogs who don't even realize how bizarre their behavior is

September 30, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Our animal friends, especially the dogs and cats that we choose to adopt and welcome in our homes, end up becoming real family members, with all their daily needs and habits. They are always by our side, ready to cheer us up with their funny little faces at any time of the day, even if we are a bit down in the dumps, indeed, especially if we are out of sorts. Many of the behaviors they engage in are utterly bizarre and out of place, but they don't seem to realize that.

Here is a list with some of their funniest moments:

1. "My cat just decided he had had enough of being a cat"

2. Yum yum!


3. "So, I'll have a hotdog and an ice cream, but it's a secret between us ok ?!"

4. "Our puppy won't fall asleep unless we wrap him up in a soft cover first"

5. "We have to go to the vet today ... he thinks I can't see him if he does this."


6. This dog looks like he's about to kick off a great party

7. "If I can fit in it, it means I'll sit in it!"


8. "Ladies and gentlemen, I present my cat .."

9. "My cats think they are strawberries .."


10. "He even has to follow me into the bathroom .. how intrusive!"

11. With those pleading eyes he's probably begging his owner not to take him to the vet

12. Such tiredness ...

13. This cat has had a long and tiring day ...

14. "My boyfriend is cat sitting, I wrote to him to find out how he was doing and he replied with this picture!"

15. Who knows what they are thinking ...

image: Pikabu

16. "It always looks like my cat is going to sneeze ..."

17. "He said he gave up!"

 Does your dog or cat have any particularly funny habits? Let us know in the comments!

18. "Now that's his bed ..."


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