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He makes a vulgar remark to a woman:…
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He makes a vulgar remark to a woman: she takes off her wig and reveals that she is his mother

December 04, 2020 • By Alison Forde

There are many and varied types of harassment that a woman can suffer every day, from complete strangers, but in the end it is always and in any case something women should not have to endure. A man who harasses a woman proves that he has totally forgotten the emotional education that his parents undertook to pass on to him (hopefully!) and, therefore, does not deserve to be considered a real man. To unmask some of these serial molesters, a local TV station in Lima, Peru, wanted to set up a sort of social experiment: a mother, conspicuously made up and wearing a wig so as not to be easily recognized, pretends to walk on the sidewalk and to casually pass by her child. When he turns unaware that it is his mother and emits a whistle and a vulgar comment, this is where the humiliation begins.

The woman in the green dress wears a wig so as not to be recognized by the man we see standing not far from her. It is her son, a man with a despicable conduct, who had been repeatedly pointed out as an annoying individual, who often comments on the girls in the street aloud. In the experiment, the woman should have walked past the man with ease without being bothered by the latter; the experiment, unfortunately, showed what the true nature of this man was, who would never have imagined he was addressing the woman who had brought him into the world in that way.

Faced with a vulgar remark, which has nothing to do with a compliment, the woman went back, looked him in the eye and took off her wig, revealing her identity. At that point, the man tried to apologize and retrace his steps, but it is too late. His Mom scolds him for his deplorable behavior.

Let's hope that after such an experience, this man has "learned his lesson" or, at the very least, has begun to understand how demeaning his behavior is.


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