Every year a woman invites a guy she…
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Every year a woman invites a guy she met by accidentally texting him four years ago, to dinner

November 27, 2020 • By Alison Forde

An annual tradition that has turned into an unmissable event. Would you believe that an elderly woman has invited a guy every year for four years to have dinner with her and her family on Thanksgiving Day, by accident? Yes, because in 2016 Wanda Dench accidentally sent a text message to invite her grandson to dine with her on Thanksgiving, but then an unexpected guest showed up!

via: CNN

Wanda Dench had sent the message for her grandson to the wrong number, and a guy named Jamal Hinton received the invitation to dinner. To fix this initially embarrassing situation, Wanda decided to invite the guy and his partner to dinner for Thanksgiving 2016, and for the last four years now they have been regular guests at the Dench house and have become very good friends!

But Thanksgiving in 2020 was different, because unfortunately Lonnie, Wanda's husband, passed away due to complications of Covid-19 in April; this is why Jamal's annual visit was so important to Wanda, who is now widowed: "I can't even explain how much joy I felt, eating good food with my favorite company. We laughed, we had a great time, we remembered the past . It was so good for all of us."

Wanda then said: "At first it was sad. We had a picture of Lonnie at the table with a lit candle, and at first we were all shaking, but it lasted five minutes before we came back to ourselves." We just told jokes and stories and shared our memories of Lonnie, so it was great!"

A Thanksgiving dinner more intimate and melancholy than the previous ones, but a tradition is a tradition and Wanda and Jamal, despite the pain and suffering of Lonnie's disappearance, have continued to meet thanks to an SMS sent ... by mistake four years ago!


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