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27 images that are the exact definition…
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27 images that are the exact definition of what it means to have a bad day

July 10, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

The writer and radio host Leonard L. Levinson said that there are three ways of living life: as a pessimist, seeing the glass always half empty, like a philosopher, looking at the positive and negative aspects and then shrugging, or as a an optimist, without even seeing clouds on the horizon because he/she is too busy walking on them.

For example, how do you react when you happen to be the protagonist of events of extraordinary bad luck? Try to remember the situation by looking at the ones presented here ...

 How many dollars just went up in smoke?

Let's look at the positive side --- it was almost certainly time to change it for a new one, right?!


Oh, well, open plan office spaces are all the rage nowadays ...

image: Reddit/sobo19

The irony of fate ...

You go to open the car door and ... 🤔


The perfect day to forget to completely close the car door window ...

Only him!!! Karma?!


Bread crust is healthier for you anyway!

At least the smartphone is still intact!

image: kn3.net

A clear case of bad luck doubling down!

Brand new ... well, they WERE!


It SEEMED like an apple ... Instead, it was a turnip!

What would you do?

What a beautiful way to start the day!

image: Imgur

How to NOT use the iron.

Whoa! What happened in this bathroom?

A special massage cream to relieve stress, they say ...

Here, we see that this woman is obviously an "optimist"!

Well, you could still eat the part on top, right?

In front of a scene like this one remains devasted. Period.

image: Imgur

But what is that smell that seems to follow me ??

This is why working outside in the garden is not always a good idea ...

Cry me a river ...

First experience with home appliances? ...

Never heat an eyelash curler!

When a glass is stronger than a toilet bowl!

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