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20 anonymous photos that the "panorama"…
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20 anonymous photos that the "panorama" function transformed into authentic masterpieces

April 26, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Smartphones and cameras today allow us to take so-called panoramic photos, obtained thanks to a sort of mosaic of images placed next to each other that allow us to enlarge the angle of the frame and widen it to between 180° and 360°.

Choosing the panorama mode is very useful when you want to capture the image of a landscape, but in some cases, it becomes an excuse to create hilarious photos, that are more or less intentional.

Here are some captured images that could be called complete failures and masterpieces at the same time!

1. Today my head went for a walk.

2. Is this the trick for catching more fish?


3. Being an integral part of the landscape.

4. Vertical panorama --- here is the result, when the subject is a bonfire!

image: Imgur/Papaija

5. Panorama mode + a goat on the move = a funny photo!


6. The panorama mode also has a way of modifying human bodies ...

7. ... But we don't think that the result is to your liking!


8. Three-headed dog.

9. When the result becomes something terrifying.


10. Four-legged animals that turn into giant earthworms.

11. A photo with two of my typical poses --- that panorama mode knows me very well!

12. With this mode it is even possible to imagine apocalyptic futures!

13. Meditation and dialogue in a single click.

14. Panorama mode used on my cat and I LOVE the result!

15. When you are taking a panorama photo of the landscape and a person suddenly enters your field of vision ...

image: Reddit/Daxcv

16. Dematerialization in progress, for her!

17. Funny but not very pleasant effects to look at!

image: Reddit

18. Tower Bridge is about to fall down!

19. From dog to a tapir in one click!

image: Reddit/Knoxs

20. For true lovers of surrealism ...

image: Reddit/

Have you ever tried to take pictures using this mode? We are sure that you too have captured some images that are, to say the least, curious!

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