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15 people photographed the things made…
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15 people photographed the things made their day a decidedly unlucky one

August 17, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Some days they feel different to others. You can feel it in the air, when there is something that makes everything go wrong, to the point of expecting something unfortunate at any minute. Days like this happen to everyone and when they do the best thing to do is laugh about it, taking it with a helping of irony. On the other hand, getting angry because the keys accidentally fall into a drain or because you go to work with two different shoes is really of little use. These people have had a very unlucky day, but they found the strength to laugh at it by sharing what happened to them.

This girl asked for a photo of her in the pool: to say that the shot is unflattering is an understatement.

The baker didn't think the yeast would keep doing its job after throwing the dough in the trash.

image: TELME3/Reddit

The best shot of the graduation photo shoot: everything was perfect, but something definitely went wrong.

Coming home after a week away and finding new roommates who have littered the bathroom with their business.

This man had just finished the process of getting all his new cards when he realized where his wallet was.


When you decide to sunbathe with some beautiful lacy leggings. A decidedly unusual tan!

"I need to look for a document in this archive": we can only wish you good luck!


"It seemed strange to me that I didn't hear the sound of the toothbrush hitting the floor..."

Someone forgot to secure the shelves holding thousands of eggs: now the best part will be the clean up!


"I accidentally put my leather gloves in the washing machine": maybe now they will fit a small child!

This boy underwent allergy testing and was found to be allergic to virtually EVERYTHING.

Someone should tell him to head straight to a phone shop ...

When you start your day by pouring the juice onto an upside down glass, it will surely be a great day.

The hair clippers stopped working after the first pass. What do you do now?

Someone left their passport and tickets in the airport toilet: the flight left 2 hours earlier.

Living through such unfortunate events is undoubtedly draining, but laughing at our little troubles is an exercise in taking life less seriously! 

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