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14 "impeccable" family photos in which…
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14 "impeccable" family photos in which something went wrong

January 26, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

The rules of the perfect family can be extremely difficult to respect, even while taking photos. 

While the family photographs are being taken, in fact, each member tries their best to adhere to their role within the family group.

From this (so to speak) "social" obligation, the need to take family portraits was born. Yet, in many cases, something goes wrong in the organization of the photo shoot and part of the real nature of the family is revealed despite their attempts to construct the perfect family photo!

"Our father did not agree with the idea of creating ​​a nice family photo ..."

When the member of the group in charge of setting the timer calculates the timing badly.


A shadow reveals the true identity of the newly graduated son ---- apparently he is a wizard!

"Dad and mom did not understand each other, as usual ..."

All the dynamics between sisters immortalized within a single shot.


Two grandparents photographed during their first dinner in a Japanese restaurant.

"We tried in every way to make our son stand still, but he jumped off just as the photographer took the picture!'

image: imgur

He just could not take it anymore ...

A photo of a fantasy family! They asked the woman and the girl in costumes to pose as if they were their own daughters.

image: reddit

Of course, the two furiously barking dogs are also part of the family!

image: reddit

The eldest daughter does not seem to particularly love the birds, but they clearly love her!

When the resemblance between father and son is obvious.

The typical jealousy of this new-born baby's brother is captured in this epic photo!

The eldest son tried to show off his surfing skills in the background ... with bad results!

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