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21 husbands who know how to make certain…
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21 husbands who know how to make certain that their love relationship is never boring!

December 09, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Any routine can easily turn into boredom especially when it comes to the life of a couple, but to ensure that the relationship continues to always progress nicely, boredom should be avoided at all costs.

There are husbands who surprise their wife by taking her out to dinner, and those who instead bring their wife a bouquet of flowers when they come back home. 

Some men, however, prefer to use jokes to say "I love you". Therefore, here is a photo gallery of scenarios where spouses demonstrate that they know very well how to make sure that their love relationship is never boring.

My wife said she wanted a simple no-fuss birthday party, so, I did my best!

image: karaoke99

I underwent a simple surgical operation today. Nevertheless, to avoid taking any risks, here is what my husband wrote on my legs and arms!

image: a2susan

My husband is a painter. So, I pointed out to him that he had never created a painting in which he and I were together. And this is what he gave me!

My girlfriend took a very nice photo of our aquarium. Well, I am also able to photograph fish. See, our photos are practically indistinguishable!

image: rumplexx

Here's what happens when you let your boyfriend take your cat to a pet grooming salon!

image: sugarlumps1

My girlfriend said that if I could find any house shoes uglier than the ones that I wear around the house, then she would stop teasing me!

image: TrentWatts

When my wife leaves for work I get bored. One day I told her that I had organized a formal dinner with our cats. She did not believe it.

image: greatcanine

'When your girlfriend wakes you up at five in the morning to accompany her to a marathon!" Now, that is true support from a man who loves you!

image: D5R

The other day I told my husband, who loves Coca Cola, that I prefer Pepsi --- and that's what I found in the fridge a few hours later.

image: uselesspanini

"To my wife Marganit and my children, without whom this book would have been completed two years earlier". A book dedication written by a father and a husband in love!

image: -waterbear-

My wife is gone for the weekend, so my dog ​​and I could finally have dinner together that we have had to put off for so long!

image: pablo902

Yesterday I had a fight with my fiancé and today he sent me many different types of flour asking me to forgive him. (I love making sweets!)

When my husband leaves for work he fills the house with notes ... with funny instructions!

image: StagKen

The other night I was bored, so I wore a Halloween mask and I hid in our son's room. The camera automatically activated and filmed the scenario --- and I sent this picture to my wife. I still have my wife's phone call ringing in my ears, but I cannot wait to buy new masks!

image: reddit.com

I fell asleep in the car and my husband told my children to scream altogether. I woke up and saw a truck coming toward us! I still have not recovered from the fright they gave me!

image: adalab

My brother told me that my girlfriend could not come to the Halloween party! So she decided to dress up like this...

image: tictactowle

I heard my husband telling our dog to stay still and when I found him in the kitchen ---he greeted me like this.

image: Szmanda44

Yesterday I finally started my dream job, as a midwife. My husband came to see me with this cake!

I bought a necklace for my wife. When the sales assistant asked me if I wanted it gift-wrapped, I told him to make it as ugly as possible. "As you wish", he replied.

image: lardman1

My wife, right at the moment when she launched her wedding bouquet. I could not resist making a small change!

image: friendrix1

This is what do I do when I want to fight a bit with my wife ...

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