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40 people who were obviously a bit distracted…
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40 people who were obviously a bit distracted while doing their job!

December 29, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

As they say, it is really difficult to find the perfect job, the one that is not tiring, the one that ensures enough free time, that is not stressful, and that is also pleasant to do.

Regardless of the work that one does, it is common for everyone to experience a moment of decreased motivation, fatigue and stress, and then it is easy to make mistakes during this period due to the lack of concentration.

Here is a list of the most amusing job errors ever made!

1. How did this doll's eye end up on her forehead!

2. The engineer who supervised this bridge job is really in big trouble!


3. Obviously, someone drank more than a few beers before installing this pedestrian crossing light.

4. This door will remain forever open (or closed forever).

5. Impossible to turn off!


6. How should this cup be held?

7. Look closely....what is wrong with this picture?!


8. This parking space for the disabled is really badly designated...

9. Closing a door has never been so difficult.


10. The worst place to install a projector (or a fan).

11. A ramp for those who are not disabled.

12. What is dangerous is the person who put this sign upside down!

13. A bike or jogging path with ... obstacles.

14. A chemical bath for two....very cozy!

15. Car parking spaces that cannot be used.

16. Strawberries that can become grapes.

17. When the tomatoes in the can are transformed into peaches in syrup!

18. A highly-visible advertising banner --- too bad it is very hard to read!

19. Asia?

20. A worker who was clearly very lazy ...

21. Who was the evil villain who did this?

22. Chocolate lovers would find no fault with this error ...

23. A helter-skelter pedestrian crossing.

24. An obvious design fail.

25. Goodbye privacy!

26. The stairs descend but the handrail ascends ...

28. A green pedestrian crossing?!

29. Why have they installed a stop sign on this road?

30. A window with a view on nothing.

31. Front row seats with a panoramic wall view.

31. When a tiler wants to take revenge on the customer.

32. It would be easier to tell time watching the movement of the Sun!

33. This car parking lot always has available parking spaces --- who knows why!

34. This poor unicorn has its horn in the wrong place!

35. Flip-flops for the fall and winter!?

36. Indecision.

37. Unclear and confusing indications.

38. This is practically a one-way bicycle lane.

39. Here we see that mathematics is just an opinion.

40. Could it be that someone forgot to open the packs and fill the candy machine?

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