18 design mistakes that are hard to…
18 photos that look like one thing and instead are totally different from what you think! Do you know the meaning of the numbers on the bottom of plastic bottles? Knowing them reveals what to avoid

18 design mistakes that are hard to believe were actually made!

November 07, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

To make mistakes is human, on this, we can all agree, but to persevere is diabolical!

Anyone can make a mistake, but when it comes to overly obvious design errors, like when you are in front of geographic maps created by those who clearly do not know anything about geography because they have placed several continents in the wrong positions, well, then we have a problem! 

Here for you, we have selected 18 flops that will leave you with your mouth open because we are sure you will not believe someone was not able to see the disaster they were creating ...

1. A manhole ... obviously not very useful!

image: LeyendaV

2. Clothing mannequins displayed with shockingly bad taste ...

image: Agent_Orange7

3. A "surrealist" duck ...

image: imgur

4. In this parking lot, you have to pay even before you exist!

image: KiKenTai

5. Confusion about the four cardinal directions?


6. A little dangerous, these stairs, don't you think?!

image: Peeped

7. It will take a few minutes before you can find and select the desired floor number...

image: Xadacka

8. A small world atlas where somehow Europe is missing ...

image: Hand_Blanket

9. Yes, it is right to create a bicycle path, but at the expense of pedestrians!?


10. Maybe this was not the best place to put this image ...

image: Imgur

11. These motifs for this bathroom are definitely in bad taste.

image: sploodify

12. A consciously clever arrangement or purely dictated by chance?

image: JustusGS

13. "Snack" earrings with white icing! Would you wear them?

image: Oldgoat21

14. Level indicators to measure the content on a non-transparent bottle ... Very useful!

image: slothfulllama

15. Do you want to order? First, try to understand what is written on the menu!

image: ThomasCZ

16. Exit staircase to be used in case of an emergency!

image: dylangleit

17. This is definitely not the ideal place to put a basketball hoop!

image: geroxnight

18. And finally ... Many claim that China will conquer the world, but this is just too much!

image: barneyaffleck
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