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20 ideas so brilliant that they seem…
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20 ideas so brilliant that they seem to have come from the future

December 29, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

In history there have been inventions that have changed each of our lives, but don't you think that the inventions that have the greatest resonance are mainly the ones that are the most useful?

In fact, those that we bring you in this article, rather than inventions, they can be called new designs or improvements on things that exist already, but they are equally brilliant, in their own right.

These individuals have had such brilliant ideas that they deserve to become famous all over the world!

1. A children's umbrella-raincoat that is hands-free!

image: reddit

2. Is this a private school perk?

image: imgur

3. The dog of the future will take itself out for walks!

4. An improvised parasol.

5. A new portable scooter public transport facility

image: imgur

6. Using nail art to cheat during a class test?!

7. A Russian fashion favorite --- Adidas suits!

image: imgur

8. "I asked my mother for the charger, she told me to call the dog! My mother lives in 3017."

9. A device to sleep peacefully even on the subway.


10. Did you ever think you could use a plastic bottle to protect yourself from hot oil while cooking?

11. Even little geniuses need to rest!

image: tumblr

12. In 3017, water will be a very precious commodity. Here is a way to not wash the breakfast dishes!

13. This man has cut his hat to so that he can wear headphones.

image: imgur

14. Toast bread directly with cheese --- yes, it can be done!

15. A new type of user pic ...

16. When the electrical wall sockets are positioned too high, you have to use your ingenuity!

17. Here's how to save your eye makeup when you take a shower.

image: tumblr

18. This man has found a way to eat long pasta with the same convenience of short pasta. Brilliant!

19. Japan is already living in the future!

image: anime/Twitter

20. A wine glass that can be attached to the top of a bottle of wine.

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