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23 images of people whose day has started…
23 animals that have been locked out and want desperately to come back inside 22 people who with their jokes prove that they definitely have the Peter Pan syndrome!

23 images of people whose day has started very badly ...

February 17, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

The way in which misfortune can manifest itself in our lives can take incredibly varied forms. 

Unpleasant and strange events can occur in every moment of life without us being able to do much in regards, but at least we can decide with which attitude to face them!

To curse your fate, at least at the beginning, is allowed but then we invite you to accept the fact and try to laugh about it --- you will gain healthwise, guaranteed!

At least we hope that those who experienced the events in these photos tried to laugh!

This is not a negligible damage to a cheap laptop! ... Ouch!

These were his favorite gloves ...


I'm going to take a look at the electric panelboard ...

A very bad day. Very, very bad.

Here lies my car ...


Poor tire!

Just imagine the scene --- a shopper is calmly browsing through the bananas looking for the best ones and ...


Only a small leak ...

Nobody touches that door!


A spelling error in a tattoo is among the most unpleasant things that can happen ... When you notice it!

Did you close the roof of the car? Er ... No.

He made the shot but now the basketball is stuck in the frozen net!

When a water pipe bursts on the top floor in below zero temperatures ...

Very comfortable this table!

Insert the straw ... If you can!

What did they ever try to cut with this knife?

When you transport bicycles on the roof of your car but then you COMPLETELY forget about them!

When you pose smiling for a photo, but do not realize that the hem of your long dress is caught in the escalator!

Getting out of the house has never been so demanding!

When you do not want to wait for the ice cream to melt a bit ...

It is true that the meat is package wrapped in plastic film, but nevertheless ...

We expected something slightly more substantial.

A bird has soiled this seat! Is it an incredible misfortune or an imminent sign of good fortune?

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