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20 people who got a tattoo but would…
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20 people who got a tattoo but would have done better to have stayed at home

June 22, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

We do not know to what extent a tattoo artist can make a client change their mind about a tattoo design that simply should not be drawn on anyone's skin, and we also do not know with what nerve a person without any expertise would try to do this job! 

We only know that sometimes these two things can lead to results just as disastrous as they are hilarious, such as spelling mistakes and improbable translations, but also to tattoo designs that are badly proportioned and in poor taste!

We leave you with the worst of the worst we could find, sure to provoke more than a few laughs!

A combination of tattoo and hairstyle --- genius or madness?

He copied a tattoo seen elsewhere, but there was at least one thing that could have been excluded ...

image: samusxmetroid

An example of nonsense poetry which is just random phrases tattooed on the skin!

image: Hairy_Cheeks

Permissible and original, don't you think?

image: Reddit

We have said it before --- leave foreign languages ​​alone!


You will not understand what it should be, so let us tell you --- it is a galaxy.

Are you thinking about getting a tiger tattoo? Do not take your example from these two jobs ...

image: snake___pit

Again you will need an explanation, but first try to guess ...

image: macsimilian

Yes, they are supposed to be stars!


If you opt to quote a song ... You should at least know the lyrics!

image: Lolololokokok

Ehm ... Okay!

image: kryzjewell

It may be what this person wants, but anyway, with a tattoo like this, so many questions are raised!

Is your car gearbox like this too?

Looking only at the bottom part, you would say that it was a good job, but then you look up and you ask --- why did he do it?

image: Richard Batey

She wanted to be a snake and so now she has started to molt!

image: kryzjewell

Poor Marilyn ...

When the Simpsons meet Taoism.

image: anyeus

 There is also the category of "tattoos for the back of the head". Here is an example!

image: LicketySplitz

 Here's a case where it would definitely have been better to have stayed at home and slept!

image: Yzre

And finally, if you really want to tattoo the face of a loved one, choose a competent tattoo artist and bring a decent photograph with you!

image: Reddit
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