Twenty-two year old has her lips augmented…
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Twenty-two year old has her lips augmented in an extreme way, but wants them even bigger: on social networks they call her "Barbie"

March 19, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Nowadays it almost seems that some people want to go beyond the limits at all costs, not caring about how dangerous or unhealthy some choices can be for their health. The desire to noticed and be relentlessly appreciated on the web and in real life, leads some people to act in somewhat "questionable" ways. Andrea Ivanova is a 22-year-old from Sofia, Bulgaria, who has spent (and continues to spend) thousands having many injections of hyaluronic acid into her lips and other parts of her body. Her goal? Having the biggest lips in the world and simulating a "plastic Barbie doll" in every way. In this article we don't want to pass an opinion on Ivanova's choices, but to reflect on how, in a few decades, the beauty standards we have been used to and which we have been inspired by have profoundly changed.

via: The Sun

Her photos have caused a lot of discussion on the web and, at the same time, have attracted thousands of curious viewers to her Instagram account. The obsession with plump lips, for her Ivanova, began way back in 2018. Since then, the young woman has spent the equivalent of around $190 on each injection of hyaluronic acid. Although the doctors have expressed concerns and doubts about the size of her mouth, the young Bulgarian does not seem to have any intention of stopping. It is not surprising, therefore, that she has been renamed "the real life Barbie" on social networks.

It doesn't matter if after each injection she struggles to eat for two days, because Ivanova was and is delighted both with how she feels about her body and the appreciation she receives daily on social media. An "effort", therefore, that the young woman perceives as totally justified and rewarded by the affection of her fans and her narcissism.

"I feel great and I would like even more" said the 22-year-old from Sofia, "but some doctors think that this is enough, even if I have asked to have them made bigger". Ivanova says she has been to almost all the beauty centers in her city and has received injections of all kinds.



This is her before having the lip "enhancement": unrecognizable, right?

Andrea Ivanova receives dozens and dozens of positive comments every day on her Instagram page, but certainly there is no lack of criticism from haters, to which she, however, tries not to pay too much attention. "They all give me compliments for my look and my new lips" says Ivanova, but she also points out that the cruelest and most critical comments are those from other women.

Cosmetic surgery has certainly made great strides and, especially for those people who have suffered accidents or have to use it for health reasons, it is a godsend. We are happy if people like Ivanova feel good about themselves after such treatments, but we struggle to understand why: what do you think?

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