Six children in three years! The marvelous story of a rare and unique family -
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Six children in three years! The marvelous…
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Six children in three years! The marvelous story of a rare and unique family

June 22, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Six children in three years and three months! This is the curious record that a young Australian couple has established when, after having had three children literally one after the other, to mother Chloe and dad Rohan it was announced that for her fourth pregnancy, Chloe was going to give birth to triplets!

Like all gestations with more than one fetus, however, the risk that something could go wrong increases, and in fact, this couple was asked a very difficult question.

The question was if they preferred to accept the fact that their triplets might be born prematurely for medical reasons, with all the risks that this implied, or did they want to save two out of three and allow them to arrive normally at the end of the pregnancy?

Chloe and Ro agreed to take the risk and dare to hope to welcome all three babies into their lives.

The triplets were born only at only 28 weeks --- the two boys, Henry and Rufus, were normal, but little Pearl, a girl, suffered a bit more ... In fact, when she was born, she weighed only 4.4 lb (2 kg)!


There were three other brothers waiting for them at home: Evan, Otto, and Felix!

But the triplets spent their first days in the hospital, in the neonatal intensive care ward to allow the newborn babies to grow bigger and become stronger.

The joy of Chloe and Rohan for having been able to give life to all of the babies was truly irrepressible!


Look how small, Pearl, the only baby girl in the house was!

After a few months, however, Pearl was also in great shape and ready to conquer the world with her brothers!


Of course, life with six children practically born at the same time is chaotic and demanding ...

But Chloe and Rohan could not be more proud of the choice they made!


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