This guy shows us a simple technique…
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This guy shows us a simple technique to "cheat" on the weight of meats

June 17, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Today's consumer is particularly attentive to the pitfalls and deceptions that may lie behind daily shopping. In addition, this is true most of all, because the media has made word of mouth and sharing experiences much easier and faster.

Precisely in this regard, we show you a video created by a young Russian butcher, who shows us how, with a simple trick, it is very easy to change the weight of the same cut of meat.

All of this, thanks to a sheet of transparent film and a piece of adhesive tape!

Even if the video is in Russian, it is not difficult to understand the steps. First, a sheet of transparent plastic film is placed on a kitchen scale; then with the help of an adhesive tape one end of the sheet is secured to the base of the scale. It's done!

As the video demonstrates, everything depends on the way the meat is positioned or placed. If you simply lay the meat down on a kitchen scale weighing surface, you get the exact weight. But if you lay it on the transparent film when you place it on the scale, the transparent film becomes tensioned and exerts more pressure.


The result, as you can see, is a much higher weight.

Obviously, we do not want to create a feeling of mistrust towards merchants, but just to give you an extra tip, especially if you decide to be served in stores that you do not know.

Below is the complete video.

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