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20 ideas from which to take some pointers…
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20 ideas from which to take some pointers to create a veranda that will be envied!

May 24, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Balconies and verandas do not necessarily have a single use. In fact, there are people who use them as a warehouse, to store everything that is not possible to keep inside their house. 

Instead, other people treat them like a real garden, filling them with plants and flowers, and then there are those who prefer to use them as a laundry area.

Alternatively, if you think you would like to use this space for moments of relaxation, we have some ideas for you! As a matter of fact, just by adding a comfortable chair, a table, and some other accessories, you will be able to realize your idea of the perfect veranda!

Light tones will give a touch of elegance to your space.

image: lifex

You can use the windowsill as a side table for cocktails that you drink with your friends.

image: mirmetalla

A corner area for your meditation? Keep it simple --- an armchair and some bamboo plants will create your ideal "temple".

image: liveinternet

Pastel colors are great for conveying the idea of ​a youthful environment. Moreover, they do not weigh down small areas or spaces.

image: art-mas

A veranda is the ideal place for romantic moments --- just create the right lighting!

image: sp-interior

If you can enjoy a great view you definitely should not miss the opportunity to create a veranda at home.

image: stroylandiya

Green tones combined with light and dark brown wood to recall a "natural" environment.

image: kirsib

If you are inspired by Japanese style environments, you can get some ideas from here.

image: v-interere

For true lovers of comfort! This XL sofa and a soft carpet invite you to take a break and relax a few minutes!

image: blogspot

Need for privacy? Ok, but choose some curtains that let at least some light pass through!

image: v-interere

Use dark tones with alternating touches of bright color to recall an ethnic style.

image: remontprofi

How can you resist not sitting down?

image: iblog

Bright colors with a pastel tone to express joyfulness.

Remember, white is a sign of purity!

No chairs! A clear invitation to relax and meditate!

image: diy-gallery

Here you do not sit down --- you lie down directly!

image: diy-gallery

Candles and tea --- the perfect combination.

image: vk

Flowers in abundance for the spring and summer seasons.

image: stroylandiya

Light and neutral tones for a room created for relaxation.

image: wixstatic

At night? They are transformed into dreamlike places!

image: gazeta-net
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