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Couple buy a mobile home for €4,700 euros: "Rent was unsustainable, now we live a much better life!"

Living alone is a great responsibility. You have to deal with the bills, and above all, dealing with the substantial cost of rent or a mortgage. As times go by, it becomes more and more difficult to…

To be avoided at all costs: 16 examples of nightmare houses to stay well away from

When a young couple decide to start a family and go to live in their own house, they have two fundamental choices: build one to their taste and liking, or rely on the professionalism of real estate agents…

Nightmare furnishing: 15 kitchens that were built without a shred of logic

Not all houses are perfectly designed. Although there's an extraordinary amount of construction engineering behind it, the tireless effort of the bricklayers and all the workers who have had ahand in…

15 ingenious ideas to turn the bathroom into the most functional and comfortable room in the house

Often, it is the room that is more neglected than others, but unjustly!  The bathroom, in fact, is one of the corners of the house where you relax the most, as we all know well, especially if you have…

20 simple ideas that will enhance your home in an intelligent way!

Whether your house is big or small, the important thing is that it's intelligent! We are not suggesting an entry test for guests, but rather, to use small innovative objects that will allow you to make…

20 ideas from which to take some pointers to create a veranda that will be envied!

Balconies and verandas do not necessarily have a single use. In fact, there are people who use them as a warehouse, to store everything that is not possible to keep inside their house.  Instead, other…

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