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20 brilliant ideas to transform a small…
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20 brilliant ideas to transform a small balcony into a welcoming and functional place

May 05, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Especially when living in a high-density housing environment, having an outdoor space can be decisive for having a good quality of life.

Many people would willingly give up a room in their own home to make room for a terrace or balcony because they are convinced that enjoying an aperitif or an outdoor lunch is a priceless luxury.

If you think so, then it will be useful for you to get some inspiration for decorating your own outdoor space so that it becomes as welcoming and functional as possible. Here are 20 great ideas!

1. Your balcony can become a comfortable alcove just by using simple cushions

2. By painting a simple stool with bright colors, you will get a coffee table with a spring or summer flavor!


3. For those who have the appropriate supports, a balcony hammock can be an ambitious but effective idea

4. A sofa and some soft cushions for a thousand and one night's atmosphere!

5. A small table and lamps with soft lighting can be the perfect setting for an aperitif or a romantic dinner.


6. Folding tables are a perfect solution to not lose an inch of space!

image: dawanda.com

7. A decidedly luxurious result ... in a few square feet of space!


8. Hang plants up or use tall plants that long trunks and leaves on top!

image: Pinterest

9. For the lovers of recycling, here is a project with excellent results


10. A cable reel can become a very stylish balcony table

11. When there is not much space, fold-down shelves or tables are the right choice!

12. A simple wooden fruit crate can be transformed into a very elegant looking table

13. Even old painted tires can give personality to your terrace!

image: madcapfrenzy

14. Need an economical coffee table? Get it from a small wooden pallet!

image: bhg.com

15. A special desk that uses a balcony rail as a support saves a lot of space!

image: Unknown

16. And even in case of breakfast or aperitif ... a hanging table allows you to save precious space!

image: Unknown

17. There are many space-saving solutions on the market

image: bhg.com

18. There are DIY projects that always offer imaginative and effective solutions!

image: Unknown

19. Using ingenuity is always a good solution!

image: Unknown

20. The main rule is obviously to make the most of the spaces, preferring accessories that can be hidden or used as needed.

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