3 golden rules for turning cheaper steaks…
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3 golden rules for turning cheaper steaks into a first choice cut of meat

May 05, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Anyone who thinks that cooking a piece of meat is not very demanding, they are wrong!

To enhance the flavors of meat it is certainly not enough to just throw it in a frying pan and wait a few minutes ... There are several measures that allow you to transform it into something superfine and tasty.

These measures become indispensable especially when we bring home a piece of meat that is not of the highest quality, and that therefore risks not being satisfactory from the point of view of taste or texture.

Therefore, we present to you three golden rules that will allow you to turn a piece of mediocre meat into an very tender and tasty dish.

1. Tenderize meat with coarse salt

Covering a cheaper cut of meat with salt can transform it into a tender piece of meat. Just cover the meat with a layer of coarse salt on both sides and let it marinate for a time proportional to its thickness. In general, one hour of marination can be calculated for every inch of meat (2.5 cm). After the interval, rinse away the salt, dry and proceed to season the meat (perhaps avoiding in this case to add additional salt); and then finally cook it as you normally would.

2. Slow cooking

image: pxhere

One of the rules that must be respected when cooking meat is not to be in a hurry ... especially if the meat is not of the highest quality! A slow and prolonged cooking will allow a cheaper cut of meat to maintain its internal humidity and in the meantime, it will break the most fibrous and leathery parts. The result will be very tender!


3. Natural acidic marinades

image: Pixabay

We are certainly not talking about using chemical components, but natural ingredients that you probably already have at home. You can marinate meat with lemon juice (or lime), with vinegar, and also with yogurt. For example, if you had to choose the first one (lemon juice) then proceed like this --- Put the meat in a tray, pour over half a glass of lemon juice, add a little salt and spices to taste. Turn it over and make sure that everything is evenly distributed. Leave it to marinate for half an hour (do not overdo it, or the edges will start to cook!), And then proceed to cook. It will be a delight!

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