If this house resembles that of your…
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If this house resembles that of your dreams, the interior will make you fall in love

May 21, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

That Sweden is at the forefront regarding the world of home design is now indisputable.

If you are not already familiar with Swedish design, here we propose the traditional model of a Swedish house. That is to say, a building immersed in the woods, that both in the use of building materials, as well as the interior decor, recalls the external environment in which it is inserted, creating a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.

In addition, if wood is the material used par excellence, it is the color white that dominates the shades and tones! Let's take a closer look!

 This house dates back to 1975, but it has been recently renovated.

It is spread over one floor, extending over a surface of 613 sq ft (57 sqm) which is not a huge space, but more than enough for a small family. In fact, the house has two bedrooms, one bathroom, one large living room, and one kitchen, as well as a spacious terrace.

The entrances are made of natural wooden steps and stairs, which create a slight contrast with the white walls.

The cottage has two entrances --- one main entrance, represented by the stairs that lead through the terrace to the living room; and a second lateral "service" entrance that flanks the bedrooms and bathroom and leads to the kitchen.


The living room is spacious, bright, and heated by a fireplace that contrasts with the light colors of the room.

Entering the main entrance, we see the living room --- large and bright, thanks to the large French window and the white color that tints the walls and furniture, augmenting the light that comes from outside, and expanding the spaces. The only detail that contrasts and stands out is the modern fireplace made strictly of wood and dark gray steel, becoming the focal point of the living room, and visually warming up the environment.

How well this room is furnished and organized!

The sofa and armchair, as well as the tables, blend in with the walls; but both the rattan armchair and carpet highlight the environment and its components, while the acid yellow windows give a touch of color and modernity to the living room. Romantic accents emerge from the candle-holder that warms the atmosphere, especially if lit, as well as from the floral motif on the cushions.

 A beautiful stainless steel range hood and a modern style!

The kitchen, which can be seen from the living room, is small and functional, with quality kitchen appliances. A light gray color dominates the cabinets, giving shape to the environment, that is otherwise totally white. The white and glossy splash guard tiles augment the light.

 Who would not want to have breakfast sitting warm and cozy at the table admiring the forest?

Although minimalist, the kitchen has everything including a spacious table facing a large window that commands a view of the woods.

The bedroom is illuminated by the window at the head of the bed, and is enriched with elegant fabrics and a rather distinctive furry bed cover, with its various tones of pearl gray that contribute to the restful atmosphere.

A small bathroom with all the essentials regarding its functionality, components, and colors.

A large sink resting on a cabinet that is useful for holding towels and products. The bathroom also has, in particular, a shower with sliding glass doors, that make the most of the limited space! This is an idea to copy!

After seeing the house, we sit and rest in an armchair on the terrace ...

Who among you cannot already imagine sitting in one of those armchairs, covered with a warm blanket and drinking a nice cup of steaming hot chocolate, immersed in contemplation of the beautiful woods?

Are you curious about the floor plan? Here it is!

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