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"Luckily it's not my home!": 16 examples of furniture that we would have preferred not to see

Buying or renting a home can be very exciting, especially in the early days. Furnishing it and making it more and more a reflection of ourselves is what, in the end, will make us feel that that place…

A couple buy a house but the ex-owner refuses to give them the keys: he has been illegally occupying it for more than a year

Renting a house is not easy, and buying one even more difficult. There are laws in these areas that aim to protect the most vulnerable, but which sometimes end up favoring those who take advantage of…

Get things in order: 15 ideas to tidy up and create space in the house even when there is none

Who wouldn't want a perfect home, all clean, sparkling, but above all spacious? Because let's face it, it is very difficult to keep the rooms in our house spacious, airy, and perfectly tidy; often we…

He bought an old house for little money and then discovered it had a large swimming pool hidden in the garden

Moving home is always a risk: those who leave their old house to go and live in another, in fact, do not know what awaits them, at least until they begin to spend their days in the new accommodation.…

A girl buys an old bus and turns it into an elegant house complete with everything

The moment comes for everyone, sooner or later, when we decide to make a change to some aspect of our life. Whether it's small things or important decisions, a breath of novelty and freshness is always…

They turn an abandoned train car into a mini home so comfortable that you forget that you are inside a train

Good hotel accommodations and lodges have always been associated with comfort, warmth, and immutable certainties --- those that do not change and that we can always rely on. Whatever does not move is…

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