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Couple buy a mobile home for €4,700 euros: "Rent was unsustainable, now we live a much better life!"

Living alone is a great responsibility. You have to deal with the bills, and above all, dealing with the substantial cost of rent or a mortgage. As times go by, it becomes more and more difficult to…

Woman buys an ancient castle for only € 290,000 euros: "It was my dream and I worked hard to make it happen"

Who has not hoped for, at least once in their life, to have the chance to buy their dream home. Whether it is small, large, detached or not, everyone, sooner or later, hopes to get the opportunity…

Twelve-year-old renovates her home in 10 days for just over €116 euros

We all remember the tough lockdown period of 2020, when we all sang from the balconies and cooked homemade pizzas to pass the time in isolation, waiting for a solution to the Coronavirus pandemic. Well,…

Woman buys a house for $ 430,000: when she visits it, she is shocked by the state of the property

When you decide to buy a house, there are steps you cannot ignore. You browse the ads, choose a shortlist of possibles and, before making any offer, you pay a visit to the building to be sure about the…

Her boyfriend moves into the house she bought and wants to become the owner of the property

Moving into the same house with your sweetheart is an important step, which must be carefully considered but which is a normal, natural step forward if the bond that exists between the couple is strong…

Woman's house was demolished by mistake: "I had been living there since I was 10 - my grandfather bought it"

Home is where the heart is. How many times have we heard this expression? After all, it is a saying which has a lot of truth to it. Whether it is rented or even more so when it is owned, the home is…

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