"I loaned 4,500 euros to my friend: now she insists on living in my house, otherwise she won't give it back to me"

Mark Bennett

November 13, 2022


Friendship is a very precious bond, but can also be a brittle one. Like all interpersonal relationships, it must be reciprocal and must have mutual sincerity, respect and understanding. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and one is often disappointed by those who used to be great friends - especially when it comes to the topic of money.

A young English woman knows something about this and asked the web for advice about a difficult situation in which she found herself after having lent a fair amount of money to a friend of hers.

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Two years ago, the young woman lent 4,500 euros to a friend of hers who was in a precarious financial situation. "Her landlord would not let her out of her rental contract without first paying a penalty. I was very close to this woman I considered a friend and I had lived through a similar experience. I was temporarily living at my parents' house and was able to save, so I was more than happy to help her," explained young woman.

However, when the woman decided to buy a house and needed the money back, the response from her friend was not what she had hoped for.

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"I lost respect for her because it was way past the date when we had agreed she would refund me. In any case, I am really shocked that she said she can only pay me back if she moves into my new home. I don't want to live with her because of the way she has behaved and I feel she is acting nefariously," explained the young woman.

"I have drawn up a contract I want her to sign, but I fear it is meaningless. I cannot afford to write off the money because I have to buy a house with it," she stated, then asking the community for advice. Users supported her, advising her to settle the matter by legal means: "She is not a friend, consult a lawyer: the small claims court system is designed to be relatively simple to carry out," one user wrote.

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