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22 space-saving furnishing ideas that…
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22 space-saving furnishing ideas that are ideal for those who have a small house

November 14, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Knowing how to live in a small home is a matter of taste and organization. There are people who love ambiances that are organized and despite the small space, they are still able to find a place for everything.

For others, whatever amount of space they have, it never seems to be enough. So a house measuring only a few square feet would be impractical for them. However, it should also be said that liveability also depends on the furniture you choose.

Therefore, here in the photo gallery, are some examples of furniture specifically designed for those who live in a small apartment.

1. A small desk with a shelf that disappears when you fold it up.

image: © amazon

2. A fold-up table and seat.


3. A vertical shoe rack that allows you to have all your shoes at your fingertips, while at the same time keeping them in order.

4. A single mattress that becomes a soft and comfortable armchair.

image: © hammacher

5. A portable magnetic ironing mat for those who do not have room for an ironing board.

image: © amazon

6. A staircase turned into DVD storage areas.

image: © tocka

7. A "missile" which becomes a garden table with four chairs.

image: © rockntech

8. Four rocking chairs in one.

image: © rockntech
image: © rockntech

9. Dog food bowls --- hidden in a chest of drawers.

10. A window curtain that becomes a very convenient clothes drying rack.

image: © tuvie

11. A colorful library ...

... that hides folding chairs.

12. Sofa that becomes a bunk bed.

13. You can choose to sit on the couch and have a wall with a shelf behind your back or lie down on a comfortable bed.

14. A table with retractable chairs.

15. Deglon Meeting Knife Set of stainless steel knives

image: © amazon

16. A convertible sofa that turns into a real tea table with matching chairs.

17. Hollow chairs where you can put books and magazines.

image: © blogspot

18. A dining table that becomes a fully functional pool table.

image: © melap

19. An ironing board with a mirror on the back.

20. Wall mounted baby changing table with all the necessary items for taking care of a baby within easy reach.

image: © woont

21. Colorful magnetic stickers for the kitchen that can hold metal utensils.

image: © fancy

22. An over-the-sink cutting board with a cleaning bowl incorporated.

image: © fancy
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