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15 brilliant ideas to find new utility…
19 tips to renovate the interior of your home without spending a fortune 11 shelves with an original shape that you can create with your own hands

15 brilliant ideas to find new utility for a baby crib or cot!

January 25, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Among the many things we have to find a new destination for when our children grow up, is their baby crib or cot in which (perhaps) they slept for a long time, at least until they learned to climb and could then climb over the bars and sneak into your bed. 

If you do not have anyone to give your baby crib or cot, know that there are several ways to upcycle and transform it into something useful again, both for you and for your children themselves!

The following ideas can help you understand which solution is closest to your needs!

1. Imagine creating useful storage spaces in your house with the four individual sides of the baby crib, you can create order in practically every room!

image: Crafty Nest

2. This idea is really ingenious! By replacing the supporting part of the baby crib with a blackboard or whiteboard you get a space where the little ones of the house can play in complete freedom!


3. Of course it is also possible to create a whole series of shelf storage solutions! Here is an example!

image: EcoGreenLove

4. The wire mesh base can also be very useful. In fact, here you see it transformed into a space for messages and things to remember!

5. Do the most challenging do-it-yourself (DIY) projects not scare you? Try turning a baby crib into a fantastic indoor swing!

You can find a video tutorial here that will help you understand how to proceed.


6. Children can make a fuss about sleeping in their bedroom but having a sheltered corner in which to play could instead please them a lot! Here's an idea!

image: Pinterest

7. How about a nice sofa in the nursery?

You can find a video here in which one of the possible procedures is explained!


8. Even as a pantry for the garden, the usefulness of a baby crib is noted!

9. If you are among those who stack pots, pans and lids and then take hours to find what you need to cook, here is a solution that facilitates their use!

image: Instructables

10. With several children in the house, it is possible that at some point the number of books will become conspicuous! This solution makes taking them out and putting them back in place very easy!

11. This plate ware cabinet is so well made that it does not even look like it was made out of a baby crib!

12. Another project that turns a baby crib into a slate chalkboard!

image: Pinterest

13. Is your collection costume jewelry and valuable jewelry particularly substantial? Then, you need a spacious and comfortable wall hanger or organizer like this!

14. If the baby crib you want to upcycle is small, you can turn it into a really adorable picnic wagon!

image: Tidbits

Find out how this project was created here.

15. Finally, here is a useful solution for the bathroom! From a baby crib to a towel rack!


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