The 19 most creative and original publicity ads of all time -
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The 19 most creative and original publicity…
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The 19 most creative and original publicity ads of all time

January 13, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Usually, no one likes to be disturbed by publicity! It interrupts the film we are watching, it fills entire pages of newspapers and magazines, and it is taking over more and more space in cities.

Sometimes, however, the advertising ends up being very much appreciated and can make a product interesting that fundamentally is not!

What we are talking about is the publicity campaigns that are created with humor, with some wordplay or with some optical illusions that are exploited in the best way.

Those that we propose today are some of the most entertaining publicity that has ever been created.

1. A famous Irish brewery that decided to seduce its consumers ... like this.

image: guinness

2. "When it rains, everything becomes scary!" The slogan and image of the publicity for the new Audi rain sensing wipers.


3. A brilliant publicity campaign against corruption.

4. This brand of condoms uses humor to promote the use of contraception.

image: geometry

5. A personal defense spray as powerful as a ninja.

image: chilliguard

6. Ambi Pur imitates the provocative advertising of perfumes to sell its air freshener products.

7. The best way to entice people to go and see the Alice in Wonderland movie.

image: adsoftheworld

8. This company specializing in the production of loudspeakers promises peace and quiet on every occasion.

image: cheil

9. Pedigree states: "When your children leave home, replace them!" A great excuse to adopt dogs!

image: replacethem

10. Apparently, the pet hair remover brushes made by 3M are the best!

11. "The Game of Thrones" demonstrates that their marketers work just as much and as well as the series itself.

12. The campaign promoted by Fiat car manufacturers printed on beer cans --- if you drink, you will not see the cyclist anymore.

image: leoburnett

13. If you've tried everything to refresh your breath, now it's time to try Listerine!

image: jwt

14. The seductive power of AX's perfumes displayed in entertaining cartoons.

image: axe

15. From homeless to hipster in just 14 days (the difference is only in the appearance of his teeth!)

image: imgur

16. Smoking causes blindness! Here's how to get the message across.

17. Schick razors remove ALL kinds of hair!

image: schick

18. Even corn on the cob cannot resist the spicy hotness of Tabasco sauce!

image: jvm

19. It's time for ... a sandwich!


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