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12 photos that will leave you with more…
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12 photos that will leave you with more than a few questions in your head!

January 17, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Asking yourself too many questions sometimes does not lead to any solutions! This is because in some cases there is really no answer that satisfies your questions.

Those you will see in this article are 12 cases of this kind and we advise you to just accept them for what they are, without investigating how it could happen or what prompted a person to make that precise gesture!

This team of firefighters is pulling a car down from a balcony.

image: wiocha.pl

A live cat in an empty five-gallon water jug


It's time for bean soup!

image: imgur

I wonder if this person is still alive ...

A bike grown in a tree, or a tree grown on a bike?


Do not ask yourself how he did it --- honestly, nobody knows.

image: imgur

Why make a package of sweets, known for its bright colors, in black and white?

image: imgur

The end of the sidewalk could be seen hundreds of feet away.

Tonight for dinner, baked beans in a shoe.


Well, it's the right size ...

Un post condiviso da TAY HAM ™ (@tay.ham) in data:

Maybe, someone had a high blood alcohol content?

Un post condiviso da Steve Huxley (@blueginko) in data:

Now, this is collaboration!

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