Every day she waits for her brother…
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Every day she waits for her brother to come home from school: as soon as he gets off the bus, the two run to hug each other

January 23, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Brothers and sisters don't always get along, indeed, often their quarrels and fights are a reason for reproach from exasperated parents who no longer know what to do to reconcile the two parties. However, the opposite also happens: little sisters who literally adore their brother or sister, and vice versa. Jennifer Baryn is a passionate mother who wanted to show all the affection that her two youngest children have for each other: every day his little sister anxiously awaits the return home of her brother, a little older than her, without being able to to contain her great joy every time she sees him get off the school bus.

As soon as the little one gets off the bus, he rushes to go and hug his little sister, who is already waiting for him on the driveway, pacing up and down with excitement. Every day is like this, every day is a new emotion. Both define themselves as "each other's favorite person" and show it every day with their affection. As soon as the little girl sees the yellow bus, a sign that her big brother is returning from school, she starts running with open arms. Jennifer, her mother, shared a compilation of moving videos on her Instagram page, showing this scene being repeated on different days.

 A hug whenever we feel discouraged or just when we need it. Isn't that something we'd all like?


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