This illustrator has transformed his life with his wife into successful comics -
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This illustrator has transformed his…
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This illustrator has transformed his life with his wife into successful comics

November 03, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

When getting your hair trimmed becomes a reason to be depressed and triggers a fear of becoming bald (imaginary, of course)! When you go to bed after you have had a fight and when you know that only in whose arms can you find again your internal peace ... 

Anyone who has lived or is living a love story knows that these are all episodes that characterize a couple's life.

The illustrator and comic artist Yehuda Devir loves to make this topic the focus of his comics, from which he has created a project named "One of Those Days". Through his comics, he entertains fans and shares with them the funny ups and downs of his daily life with his wife Maya.

Her hair is EVERYWHERE.

The moment to cuddle


When he remembers their anniversary (thanks to a memo on his smartphone that she does not know anything about!)

"I have nothing to wear" ...

Nothing is like her embrace


Waking her up on her birthday --- he is happy but she just wants to disappear.

When she watches the "The Game of Thrones".


Maya and her battle (lost) with mosquitoes

Two professional illustrators --- and a new drawing tool was just delivered at home. Guess who will test it out first?


How to peel and slice onions according to Maya

Not even half a glass of wine and the evening ends like this ...

Love, you have to stop biting your nails!

The picture of exhaustion.

We Bought An Elliptical

Same Haircut Same Story: "I'M BALD!!!" --- "Whaaat? Your haircut is the most beautiful and perfect thing this world has ever seen..."

Mirror Mirror!? Any reflective surface is good for checking yourself out ...

Stop eyeballing my man!

That moment when his wife turns into the incredible Hulk ...

Typical couple selfie.


Learn more about this talented and very entertaining illustrator: Instagram | Patreon website

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