These 25 images show that in order to have a love relationship one must possess above all PATIENCE. -
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These 25 images show that in order to…
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These 25 images show that in order to have a love relationship one must possess above all PATIENCE.

March 21, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Although many people say they have learned the secret to making a love relationship work, most likely it is a very personal discovery that cannot be applied to just anyone.

Each of us comes to understand over time the key to making things work, be it patience, dedication, complicity, or sincerity.

Although each couple is different from another, there are some situations that almost always occur between two people in love!

Here is a list of situations, in which many of you will recognize yourselves immediately!

"I asked my boyfriend to send me a sexy photo ..."

"My husband lets himself be photographed only once a year. This time I convinced him to pose with my cat, Nikon!"


"Our cat and my girlfriend fell asleep on me."

"My girlfriend did not expect me to bend over to tie my shoe ... I leave you to imagine the verbal insults that followed!"

"That's how my attempt to form a relationship with my girlfriend's cat started ... and ended!"

image: MissHeather13 / reddit

"My boyfriend bought me these thinking that they were flowers, but in reality, they are vegetables!"

" My girlfriend spent 20 minutes in this box playing, running and dancing ... Then I saw the name of the cardboard company (simplehuman) and I thought it was perfect for the occasion."


"Just see how patient my boyfriend is ..."

"My girlfriend stayed home while I was at work ..."


"This is what happens when you ask your boyfriend to prepare breakfast."

"My boyfriend allowed me to draw on his back while he was playing video games ... Wow!"

"I love my girlfriend. She tries hard to cook something good. Today, she burned some water."

"My girlfriend and I attended a painting course, and she got very angry because I did not follow the instructions ..."

'When I asked my boyfriend to bring me something to eat from the bar ..."

"I was not feeling well and I asked my boyfriend to buy a thermometer before coming home ..."

image: imgur

"I asked my girlfriend if she had eaten all the Oreos I had bought three days ago --- she said no."

image: imgur

"I find these things everywhere ..."

"I spent two hours arguing with my girlfriend and rummaging in the trash can to prove that this piece of paper was not a condom ..."

"My girlfriend stuck on a ladder."

"I did not have time to go to the shopping center, so I drew a circle on my boyfriend's hand so he could buy the right size of earrings."

"My girlfriend was not home and she tried to start a fight with me ... I had to send her this picture to stop her."

image: imgur

"I hate Instagram. Let me eat!"

"Here's how my girlfriend eats the first piece of freshly baked brownies ...'

"My wife wanted a picture of me at all costs while playing with our puppy ..."

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