20 ideas for backgrounds on your PC…
Do not throw away old towels! Here are 15 useful ways to upcycle them! First, the baby elephant hits the woman, but it is his next move that is making this video go viral!

20 ideas for backgrounds on your PC so original that you will immediately copy some of them!

March 23, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

The computer has become such an ever-present part of our lives that many people love to customize and modify it as much as possible to their needs.

Some use themes, others like to use the slide function and let the photographs specifically collected in a folder be displayed on their screen in a rotation sequence, while others create them just for fun or to show off their own originality

This photo gallery contains some of the more brilliant examples of the latter two cases --- wallpapers created by generating an interaction between image and desktop folders, or with the surrounding environment!

Here we present various types to give you some inspiration for your next background or wallpaper!

Simple but effective! With something like this, your desktop will not go unnoticed!

image: Imgur/Sabird1

The horror that Explorer triggers!


Here is order without sacrificing creativity.

And which side are you on?

Chrome vs Firefox.

image: cluebees.com

I didn't want the screen to conceal the view from my window ...

When you leave your computer with a friend so that he can fix it and he returns it looking like this!


I see you!

Hunting mode --- activated!

image: imgur.com

Are there multiple screens? To not play around with them would be such a waste!

image: imgur.com

What did you do this time?

image: Reddit

Here we have some nice examples of desktop-environment interaction. Which one do you like the most?

image: Imgur/my80jo

And once again ... Internet Explorer is not among the most popular search engines.

image: Reddit

Do some of these examples make you want to have two screens?

Every icon in its place!

Oh, these giraffes!! ... 😛

One more blow and it can jump out of the screen!

Background in the style of ... The Walking Dead.

image: Reddit/Isai76

Something tells us that he will make the basket!

What are you doing here?

image: Reddit

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