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Video Of Technology

"I hate my mother's cell phone" --- this a child's essay theme that all parents should read

A Louisiana elementary school teacher, named Jen Adams Beason, one day assigned a very simple task to her second-grade students. It was a matter of writing a short essay in which they should indicate…

Here is why security experts recommend that you wrap your car keys in aluminum foil ...

A new method that allows the copying of electronic car keys and remote control radio signals of car alarms, is putting at risk the safety of our vehicles. Fortunately, these types of theft are not yet…

Here comes the robot suitcase that follows you everywhere --- so you can move around without baggage weight!

Heavy bags are literally a burden. The trolley has revolutionized the concept of a suitcase by putting wheels on our luggage. However, today, in the age of automation and robotics, it will no longer be…

Here's why you should never rinse dirty dishes before putting them in the dishwasher

Today's dishwashers are so technologically evolved that even when a family is not large, washing dishes by hand often results in a consumption of water greater than that which would be used by this important household…

20 ideas for backgrounds on your PC so original that you will immediately copy some of them!

The computer has become such an ever-present part of our lives that many people love to customize and modify it as much as possible to their needs. Some use themes, others like to use the slide function…

London begins to repave the streets with asphalt obtained from plastic waste, and the results exceed expectations

If you have ever taken a look at the wildlife documentaries that have been produced recently, you will have realized that the presence of plastic in the environment has now become an alarming problem,…

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