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21 photos that prove living with a Newfoundland…
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21 photos that prove living with a Newfoundland dog in your home is a lot of fun!

May 12, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

There are a thousand reasons to decide to accept a pet into your home, and there are as many reasons for letting the choice fall on a Newfoundland dog!

These dogs display incredible intelligence and they also have a very sweet character - which makes them quite suitable for a family with small children. In fact, most likely they will become their favorite playmate and babysitter!

Of course, the dimensions and consequently the needs of a dog of this size can make it not suitable for everyone, but you can be sure of one thing --- with a Newfoundland dog in your house there will always be fun and laughter!

1. A nice body guard for the little one!

2. Is he thinking about when he will become a mountain of hair?


3. Newfoundlands are always hungry, you know!

4. Her name is Aurora. And she is stunning!

5. And to think that these two "puppies" grew up together ...


6. Same coloring and size!

7. This beautiful Newfoundland has just been adopted! Wouldn't you say he looks happy?!


8. Elegance and sweetness.

9. Tell the truth, you thought it was a bear!


10. With a Newfoundland dog in the house, there is always an extra friend to embrace!

11. Wouldn't you like to hold it tight to your chest?

12. This Newfoundlander has yet to understand that it is not transparent ... let alone small!

13. A one-on-one chat

14. A life companion.

15. Just got back from the hairdresser! What do you think?

16. The sea is the best place for a Newfoundland dog!

17. Taking a little nap with a Newfoundland dog ... unforgettable!

18. They always want to be eternal puppies.

19. Ready to buy a bigger car?

20. Sooner or later it will become a real problem to hold it!

21. A well-deserved rest for a beautiful Newfoundland dog.


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