What does the black cylinder that so…
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What does the black cylinder that so many battery chargers have actually do?

October 27, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Without our smartphone battery cable, we would be lost, especially if each charge runs out unbearably fast! 

In spite of this, it is possible that a feature on this object that is easy to see and that we handle every day, has escaped our attention, namely, the functionality of the cylinder at the end of some battery chargers. 

Here's what it's all about!

Some devices work with an alternating current at very high frequencies, which can disrupt the signal of other devices such as Wi-Fi routers, televisions, and radios.

These cylinders are used to prevent frequencies from disturbing other devices. In fact, inside there is a magnetic material (ferrite) that has the ability to absorb these unwanted frequencies.


In addition, this cylinder minimizes the loss of energy by optimizing the flow of current circulating inside the cable.

image: Storyblocks

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