Security experts advise wrapping your electronic car keys in aluminum foil to avoid car theft

Shirley Marie Bradby

October 02, 2018

Security experts advise wrapping your electronic car keys in aluminum foil to avoid car theft

A new method that allows the copying of electronic car keys and remote control radio signals of car alarms, is putting at risk the safety of our vehicles.

Fortunately, these types of theft are not yet widespread, but security experts assure us that we cannot rest easy given the simplicity with which you can replicate any code that can open a vehicle.

However, there is a remedy, that even though it is homemade, can still very effectively prevent the theft of our cars.



According to some security specialists, the electronic keys and remote controls of our cars are no longer as safe as they used to be. If we do not pay close attention, in fact, someone could be able to open our vehicle without anyone noticing anything. This is because the modern radio controls are based on wireless radio waves, which with the use of a special key can be replicated to allow the opening of a car. 

But there is a way to prevent this from happening, simply by wrapping the keys of a vehicle inside a sheet of aluminum foil. Instead of this material, which in any case remains an excellent and economical solution, you can use any container or material capable of isolating the electromagnetic waves emitted by the remote control. The aluminum foil, in fact, is able to create a "cage" and isolate the device and thus prevent electromagnetic waves from being recorded by external devices.


Even if it is a home-made remedy, the security experts assure that this could prevent problems and headaches in the future. Moshe Shlise, CEO of Cyber GuardKnox Technologies, a company that deals with cybersecurity, says that even if this phenomenon is not yet widely diffused, it is spreading rapidly.

  In fact, the technologies needed to steal these car key codes are really simple and with a little money, you can buy one of these devices, which are even on display in video tutorials on YouTube!

Many people, in addition to their electronic car keys, have also decided to screen their credit cards inside specially insulated wallets. Wrapping our electronic keys in aluminum foil should be a more utilized practice, especially until companies find a solution to this serious problem.