Easy No Damage Computer Cleaning Hacks!
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Easy No Damage Computer Cleaning Hacks!

October 04, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Dust and dirt are two things that find a perfect home in our PC --- whether you have a laptop or have a giant desktop computer at work, you need to remember to clean your computer from time to time because this is important for both our health and as well as our computers.

Be careful and pay attention because some of their parts are delicate and using the wrong products or tools may cost you dearly if they damage your computer!

Here are five very useful tips to complete this important task.

1. To clean your PC, especially its screen, use a clean microfiber cloth and never paper towels!

In fact, paper towels, cannot only scratch your computer screen but paper towels also leave lint that ends up falling down into the keyboard, making your computer even dirtier!

2. The most suitable product for cleaning your computer is white vinegar!

Procure a spray bottle and mix one part white vinegar to equal parts of water. You can use this detergent to moisten the microfiber cloth and clean the entire computer surface (do not use pure vinegar to clean the screen, though!). NEVER use alcohol, ammonia or acetone products!


3. Use to make scratches disappear or at least significantly reduce their visibility.

DO NOT use toothpaste that is a gel or that contains whitening particles! Put some toothpaste on a cotton swab, pass over the scratches, and then let it dry. Next, pass a slightly damp microfiber cloth over the scratch to see the scratch practically disappear.

4. Blow away the dirt and dust!

You do not have to resort to the drastic method shown in the picture, but the amount of dust that can accumulate inside a PC is surprisingly high. We advise you to use a hairdryer to clean out your laptops and to use a vacuum cleaner to clean the outer case of the fixed or desktop computers.

5. Do not forget to clean that filthy keyboard!

To clean the keyboard, you can also use a mixture of water and white vinegar, moisten several cotton swabs, and then use them to thoroughly clean the keyboard.

Another effective way to do clean the keyboard is by using the sticky part of a post-it, as shown in the video!


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