These 30 amusing photos show us the genius of ordinary people! -
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These 30 amusing photos show us the…
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These 30 amusing photos show us the genius of ordinary people!

December 20, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Being an engineer or an inventor does not just mean designing and building complex machinery, but it also means above all being able to find the most original and effective way to solve a problem. 

In this second category, are where the unsuspected "engineers of everyday life" fall. They are the ones who every day with acumen and creativity find small solutions that, even if they do not solve the problems of humanity, are nevertheless absolutely brilliant. 

Here are 30 great examples.

1 - When your arm is in a cast but you do not want to give up drinking beer ...

2 - The solution for a black sock with a hole on the big toe? Easy!


3 - How to eat cheese-flavored potato chips without getting the smell on your fingers?

4 - Here's how to keep a child calm when mom is away from home!

5 - Turning a coffee table into a desk? Done!


6 - When you have to fill your gas tank but it's really too cold outside ...

7 - The genius ... of laziness!


8 - Do-it-yourself safety shoes

9 - Do not disturb, thank you!


10 - The simplest solution is always the best

image: tamiam/imgur

11 - A professional couch potato!

12 - When you want to reassure your mom that you're at home ...

13 - A bottle opener that comes when you call him ... In return he just wants a little pampering!

14 - Killing time at an airport

15 - This would be something that many people could want!

16 - Why close the blinds? A sweatshirt can produce the same effect!

17 - Who needs a selfie stick when you have a long-handled dustpan?

18 - If you forget your tie clip ... you can always invent one!

19 - Protecting yourself from the sun is important ... by any and all means!

20 - An alternative use for a roll of adhesive duct tape!

21 - Popping bubble wrap --- the easiest and most effective remedy against stress!

22 - No iron? Just use a saucepan with water ...

23 - When the desire for wine assails you but you only have a screwdriver ...

24 - No socks and a rainstorm is coming? Solution found!

25 - Maybe the smell will not be like sweet lavender, but the laundry will certainly get dried!

26 - When walking is not an option to consider ...

27 - A nap in a hammock sheltered from the scorching sun!

28 - Grease or oil stains on your clothes?... No, they have to be avoided at all costs!

29 - Happy dad, happy son!

30 - When your girlfriend asks you, "You are at home, aren't you?"


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