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Teaching children to draw with numbers…
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Teaching children to draw with numbers and letters is a fun and very useful exercise

August 09, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Drawing is a very important activity during childhood, both because it allows us to understand a child's state of mind and because it is a way through which the child can express his or her creativity.

It is not wrong to let them draw what is going on in their head and above all let them do it in their own way, perhaps by drawing a person with three arms and one leg!

However, it may be interesting to show them a very simple way to draw something more realistic using letters and numbers.

How to do this? Just take a look at these images and you will understand how much fun it can be to turn numbers and letters into cute little animals!

Starting from the numbers 6 and 3, an owl can be drawn.

The numbers 2 and 9 form a sleeping duck!


The number 11 becomes a large elephant.

A fluffy little mouse is obtained from the number 2.

With the number 6 and a zero, you can draw a lovely bunny rabbit.


Did you know that from a number 4 you can draw a cow?

The number 15 becomes a proud rooster.


The letter L flies away like a bird.

The letter M as in ... Meow!


From the letter U we can create ... a frog!

With the letter W, you can start to draw a beautiful butterfly.

The letter T inspires the figure of a ladybug --- a symbol of security and good fortune!


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